June 10, 2016

Student Services at Hays Academy of Hair Design

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OPEN-SIGN Student Services at Hays Academy of Hair Design

Some call it a flash, a lightbulb moment or a fast thought.  Whatever it really is, it can be described as the moment in which things come together—things become clear.  Although these events can happen in nearly any circumstance, I have found it truly amazing when students have these events in regard to their futures.  Witnessing students have a genuine smile and excitement in their eyes when they tell me they have been hired at the salon they have always wanted to be at is one of the reasons I do what I do. 

Student Services encompasses all aspects of Hays Academy of Hair Design students and alumni attaining gainful employment as a salon and spa professional. I make contacts with salons in the area and beyond to build relationships with them.  We work hard to understand one another on a level that allows me to speak with a student and express the atmosphere and values of the salon they are interested in.  Additionally, I work with students to ensure they have a viable cover letter, resume and showcase portfolio.  These tools provide them with ample opportunity to disclose their skill sets to potential employers.  So far, those who work hard, are professional and are making these contacts are finding success in achieving their dream jobs.  In some cases, salons are adding a chair to hire our graduates.  That is a big deal, and I am honored to be a small part in this process. 

Also included in our Student Services accommodations is the ability to make professional referrals and recommendations for problems relating to mental health, abuse, emotional crisis and substance abuse.  In this role, I help educate the student about the condition they or their loved ones are experiencing and help them seek assistance.  This part of my job is one that I hope allows for positive growth and positive influence in their lives and the lives of those they love. 

Above all, my goal is to be a link in the chain to Hays Academy of Hair Design’s vision statement: “To provide the most hirable, financially responsible students in the country.”