October 31, 2017

Seeking a Halloween Scare?

Seeking a Halloween Scare? It is right here.

Halloween in a scary time! Ghosts and goblins and monsters spread out across the neighborhood in search of those delicious treats. Sometimes a neighbor jumps out at kids, and everyone screams! Other times we go to haunted houses and get our adrenaline rushing. We all laugh and carry on. Carry on until next year when we allow ourselves to get scared!

In the United States, there is something very scary going on. It comes down to one word; deregulation. Deregulation is the process being considered by lawmakers to allow someone without any training or licensure to practice cosmetology. There are lawmakers who want to allow untrained “stylists” to use chemicals on your hair that could burn your scalp or cause incredible damage to your hair. The problem here is a lack of education from these lawmakers, and it is more frightening than you might think.                                                                                                                                                
When you are getting a haircut, have you ever had your stylist accidently cut their finger while cutting your hair? It happens to even the most experienced stylists from time to time. DId you know that their is a specific process they must follow to ensure your safety from any type of blood born illness or cross-contamination? If they are unlicensed, can you trust that they will follow this process?

Being licensed to perform cosmetology services is vital to the health and success of our industry. You wouldn’t likely take your car to a garage for major repairs if the garage didn’t have ASE certified mechanics. You wouldn’t invest your money for retirement with someone who plays with the stock market for a hobby.

The time has come to contact your local lawmakers and explain the importance of licensure for all cosmetology services. Please take the time to contact your state representatives and detail your support for licensure to stay!https://www.congress.gov/state-legislature-websites

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