September 21, 2018

A True Service Industry

The beauty industry is one of the rare career fields that is a true service industry. A service industry is a business that does work for a customer, and occasionally provides goods, but is not involved in manufacturing. This explains a beauty career very well, however there is more to the opportunities available!

Customer Care

It’s safe to assume that customer care is a goal of any business. There is an extra emphasis on this in the beauty industry. Clients come to a salon or spa to be pampered. They are looking to “get away” from the stress and distractions of the world around them. The goal is to provide a 5 star customer service experience to your guest. By doing this, they are more likely to rebook and refer you and your services to those in their circle. Hays Academy of Hair Design, with campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas, strives to offer a top notch customer service experience to all of our guests.

Give Back to the Community

Hays Academy has a deep desire to give back to the communities that support our school and students. The beauty industry is unique in a sense that you can give back by simply offering your time and talents. Throughout the year, Hays Academy offers free hair cuts for children going back to school and adopts families during Christmas. Hays Academy has also donated money to defend the orphan as well as getting involved with local cancer benefits. These are just a very small sample of the many ways Hays Academy is able to give back, with far too many to list in full.

October at Hays Academy

October at Hays Academy is always an exciting month! For several years, Hays Academy has been an advocate for breast cancer awareness and doing our part to give back. This year is no different with several opportunities for you to help. Look for the Bra Pong game at one of our campuses. You will have the opportunity to purchase one ball or five, and take your shot at making it in the “cup”! Should you make one, you will be eligible for some exciting prizes from Hays Academy! Even more exciting though is the fact that ALL money raised will be donated to a local organization that helps defer costs of travel for those seeking cancer treatment.

Get Involved

No matter what career field you are in or seeking to be in, get involved! Make your career one that is a true service industry, even if just for a day.The world is looking for someone to be the love, and we are all equipped for that! What can you do to be a spark in your circle, in your workplace, in your community? Take some time to look for ways to give back and trust that you have the platform to do just that!

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