September 29, 2015

Attention all High School Juniors and Seniors


While in high school, you are surrounded by endless possibilities for your future.  The world literally is yours for the taking!  Choosing a path however, is a difficult and sometimes costly ordeal.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. 

Higher education, whether that be a trade school or a traditional college/university, is a very valuable asset for your future.  At Hays Academy of Hair Design with campuses in Salina and Hays, Kansas we offer an internationally renown cosmetology education that begins with an intensive and in-depth analysis of the basics of cosmetology services.  As you advance in your education at Hays Academy of Hair Design, you will be given opportunities to compete in competitions, be trained in Wella Color, Sassoon Cutting, product knowledge, and be trained in life-skills that will advance you as a person all while being in a faith based atmosphere. 

Hays Academy is more than you ever imagined in a beauty school.  We take the time to learn about each and every student.  We strive to make them feel welcomed into our HAHD family and we nurture them as they grow not just into prominent cosmetologists, but into amazing people. 

On November 4th, in Hays, Kansas and November 6th in Salina, Kansas we are hosting an event for all high school juniors and seniors who may be interested in a cosmetology education.  We would love the opportunity to speak with all of these great young people and their parents/guardians about how an education from Hays Academy of Hair Design can advance students to achieve their dreams! 

For information call Randi in Hays at (785) 628-6624 or Krista in Salina at (785) 833-2280