March 23, 2018

Award Winning School

Hays Academy of Hair Design – An Award Winning School!

Who would think there would be an award winning school to this magnitude in the middle of rural Kansas? Let’s be honest, many of us have become brain washed by the idea that the “city” has more to offer. We are here to tell you, thats not the case when if comes to a top notch education in cosmetology. Hays Academy of Hair Design, with schools in Hays and Salina Kansas have been proving this wrong for the last several years now! Our students AND instructors compete in multiple competitions and the success has followed

What Awards?

As you can see here, the list of awards is growing! Hays Academy students have set the bar high for the next group of students that enroll. With each new group comes a new list of awards! This is all a result of highly qualified educators that are passionate about what they do! In addition, Hays Academy has partnered with the top names in the industry to help us produce a highly qualified graduate! Hays Academy of Hair Design has become a known name from coast to coast and our students have embraced each new challenge!

Whats Next?

The simple question would be…..whats next? How can Hays Academy continue to compete on the national and international stages like this?This happens when passion is present, and we plan on that being the case for a long time! So what are you waiting for? You might be the next one on the big stage receiving one of these very prestigious awards. There is never a better time than now to follow your passion. Give us a call at 785-628-3981 or fill out our online form in your would like to learn more about Hays Academy of Hair Design!

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