April 27, 2016

Your beard will never be the same!

Woody's Beard Oil

Hays Academy of Hair Design Beard Advice

Beards are here to stay!  Like them or not, there is no sign that the beard craze is going away any time soon.  Coast-to-coast men are letting their facial hair grow out and are finding success in keeping it looking clean, shiny and smooth by using Woody’s Beard Oil. 

Woody’s Beard Oil combines essential oils like  Macadamia, Mooring and Fukui Nut oils to incorporate shine, while preventing dry, itchy skin. 

As a man with facial hair, I have always struggled with keeping my beard shaped well. It seemed that I Bearded Manwould have stray beard hairs standing out making my beard seem unkept.  Traditionally, I would use whatever hair styling product was left in my hands from styling my hair to try to shape my beard.  Two things seemed to happen when I did this: 1) my beard would look unkept 2) my skin would break out from the chemicals used on my beard.  Neither result was desirable, but I didn’t know any other way to make my beard look half-way maintained.  I mentioned this issue to my stylist who told me about Woody’s Beard Oil.  We tried some that day and right away I knew there was a significant difference.  The beard was shaped better than it had ever been.  It was shiny.  My skin didn’t feel like it was dry or broken out. My beard even smelled great!  Since that day I have been hooked. 

To use, I place a few drops in my hand and rub my hands together.  Next, I rub my hands through my beard while shaping it to the desired look.  After, I was my hands and enjoy the fact that my beard will look and feel amazing all day long. 

If you have questions regarding this life-changing product, contact your student stylist at Hays Academy of Hair Design. 

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