September 13, 2016

Beautiful Balayage Styles for Fall

Beautiful Balayage for Fall

A beautiful blonde balayage that accentuates light and dark colors makes us ready for the turning of the leaves and cool breezes. This is a priceless look that we would love to provide our guests! Kay is a graduate of Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina, Kansas. Since graduating from cosmetology school, Kay moved to Florida and has gained an incredible reputation as a premier stylist who specializes in Balayage at Ulta in Altamonte Springs. This photo was shared on “Orlando’s Best Balayage” Instagram page. You can follow Kay on Instagram @kaytibird, we highly recommend it!

Think about a combination of rich yet vibrant beauty! This balayage brings together an incredibly beautiful plum with darker tones. @shyerchristine has an Instagram page that brings inspiration and professionalism to all stylists! We appreciate the ability to feature her on our blog!

Being able to have a hair color that allows you to diversify your wardrobe is important to a lot of women. This caramel copper color combination is fantastic for those who need to be all business on weekdays, and prefer to be all fun on the weekend. Colored by Heidi Kuker (@hairbarinedheidi), we are excited for you to follow her and see what she does in Denver!

This rose gold color is likely to be the most sought after color of fall 2016. This style is simply amazing! Already established in Europe, this color has made its way to the US of A and in the perfect time! We appreciate the awesomeness of @annukkaem and hope you will follow her too on Instagram!

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