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What is your Title? by Len Melvin

May 6, 2015/0/0
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What is your title? Does it define who you are, or is it just the workplace norm. It seems like our title has taken on a whole new worldly importance these days. I have been called a lot of things in my professional career, and yes, some are not appropriate for this blog! Mr. Melvin (teacher, boss, administrator), Coach Melvin (coach), Marketing Director, Len, Lenny, Leonard, Melvin, among others (colleague); those are just some of the titles that I have held. At the time, I felt the true joy and respect that came from each of these great titles. A sense of self worth filled me. At other times, I thought to myself how neat it would be to move up the latter and maybe someday become CEO, CFO, President, Dr. whatever it was that seemed prestigious. The world has a way of taking a grip on our lives, and we look at success and happiness in the wrong lens.

All along I had the titles I wanted. One day I came to realize the two that I wanted most to be associated with. Neither one comes with a big paycheck or a large pat on the back. They both have a great deal of responsibility and stress, and oftentimes make me wonder if I am worthy of carrying either title. They are work, dedication, commitment and trust. They demand love, respect, and an attitude of serving. All of my selfish desires need to be dismissed and the needs of others are to be elevated if I am to carry these titles in the way they are meant to be. I continue to make mistakes and fall, however by these titles I am quickly reenergized! Daddy, the joy of one of my daughters screaming that out loud! Christian, living my life by example and having faith that if I fall I will be forgiven! Those are the titles that I want to define me.

Don’t allow the world to define you. You are where you are for a reason, and you have the ability to impact those around you. Be bold in what you believe in and live it out daily. You may have a work title, but you can define yourself by YOUR title. What defines you? What is your title?


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