October 8, 2015

Customer Service Anyone? by Len Melvin


Customer Service Anyone? by Len Melvin

What does customer service even look like anymore?   I think it’s safe to say that over recent years the level of customer service has dwindled.  Maybe we can attribute it to living in a world full of entitlement.  Maybe the general public is becoming lazy.  Maybe we just don’t know what good customer service is.  Maybe, just maybe, we have become a society that’s wired to be selfish and focused on ME instead of  YOU.

But, when and how does this attitude and learned behavior change?  It certainly won’t chCustomer-Service-Quotes-Bill-Gatesange if we continue to tip those in the service industry for poor service.  I consider myself a very good tipper, and I even find myself rewarding poor service because my heart is for people.  After thinking about that last sentence though, if my heart is for people, maybe it is time to show some tough love and quit rewarding poor service.   In the long run that is how change happens.  We have to take away the entitled thoughts and behavior by helping develop new, productive habits.   I think it is safe to say we have all fallen victim to rewarding poor service, however we don’t have to continue on down that road.

It’s time for a new trend in customer service!  At Hays Academy of Hair Design, we focus on providing 5 Star Customer Service to every guest, for every service, every time!  Now this comes with a great deal of pressure, especially when it goes viral on the Internet.  That’s what we want though; we want people to expect 5 Star Customer Service from us!  We want customer service to be redefined and a new level of expectation to be put into place.  We want you to come in and try us out.  After all, our heart is for people, for our students, and if we want the best for our students, our expectations for them need to be high!  Come try us out and see what you think.