January 15, 2016

Customer Service—Hays Academy of Hair Design is Setting the Standard


Customer Service—Hays Academy of Hair Design is Setting the Standard

Customer service, in this day and age, has become something we reward even if it is poor.  We tend to forgive too easily when we receive bad service and dismiss it as “so-and-so was having a bad day”.  The truth of the matter is that no matter what is happening, we are paying for goods or services and we should be treated well for doing business at that location and with that business instead of their competitors.

Hays Academy of Hair Design, with campuses in Salina, Kansas and Hays, Kansas has always had a high standard of customer service from both its staff and students.  However, their high standard of care for their guests over the years has caused them to seek even better ways to serve every client, every time.  Giving clients a WOW experience is the new standard at Hays Academy of Hair Design. 

“We want to ensure that each guest is treated with the upmost level of care possible.  A WOW experience isn’t just a goal, we want to make it the standard.” Tyler Paulson, Student Services at the Salina Campus

To create the WOW experience, the owners of Hays Academy of Hair Design have created a new student position.  Something we can expect to see on a regular basis at both campuses.  This position is known as the Customer Service Representative and you will not be able to miss them upon entering the Hays Academy of Hair Design door.  Some of the things these students will be doing include:

  • Welcoming all clients as they enter
  • Opening doors and walking people to their cars
  • Using an umbrella when it is snowing or raining to walk people to their cars
  • Offering coffee/water
  • Providing complementary hand massages to guests
  • Helping to rebook clients while they are still in their chair
  • Assisting other students to provide timely services and customer WOW experiences
  • Ensuring that the school remains clean and tidy

Hays Academy strives to provide the most hirable, financially responsible students in the country.  Salon owners and managers know Hays Academy has a strong tradition of teaching students cosmetology related skills. Couple that with the strongest of customer service skills, and you have the ideal candidate for any job opening within a salon! 

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