September 9, 2016

An Emotional and Compassionate Student Moment

The Element of Student Impact on Clients at Hays Academy of Hair Design

Part of my job at Hays Academy of Hair Design is to write blogs for our website that educate and inform our students and clients about the happenings and work Hays Academy students are performing. It is a fun aspect of what I do for a living. Generally, blogs are not about a specific student or specific event at our school. However, I witnessed something yesterday that really impacted me and I had to share it with our readers.

A student that just finished our Basics program and came out onto our student salon this week took customer service to an entire new level. Often times, as anyone would imagine, being on the student salon in your first week can be stressful and cause a sense of being uneasy about working with clients. Not in this case. This particular student took the time to genuinely get to know what her client needed and made an incredible difference in this woman’s life. While coming in to get a haircut before embarking on a vacation with her husband, this student asked her guest if she had ever considered a new color. After discussing how the color would complement her skin tone, the client determined that she would try it. The cut was completed, color was applied and the hair was styled. The client looked at this student and told her how beautiful she felt as well as how much it meant to her to feel so much more confident and that it meant so much to have someone actually take the time to give her a new look that transformed how she looked at herself.

Beauty changes lives. Hays Academy of Hair Design has worked to express to students that they can truly impact people on a daily basis by connecting with their clients on an in-depth level. I see this happening all the time and our clients really value the relationships they build with our student stylists. These occurrences make our culture special and provide all who make up the Hays Academy family with a feeling of community.

If you are on the fence about a new look or if you just want to try something new for fall, I encourage you to give our supervised and talented students a try. This isn’t an ad for our salon, it is a testimony of who we are as a school. A school that lives in your community, is committed to the community, and is comprised of members of our community. We stand by our commitment to produce the most hirable, financially responsible graduates in the nation. You need to see what that means in person.

It is my job to educate and inspire these students. Often times, it is the student that inspires me.