March 20, 2018

Fear – It is a Liar

FEAR-It is a liar!! This is the one thing in our lives that can keep us stuck in a prison cell when the door is wide open. Fear is the one thing that keeps us in our comfort zones. It is the one thing that keeps us from reaching our full potential. Fear keeps us from experiencing the life that God has waiting for each of us. It is something we all FEEL from time to time in our lives. Being fearful is something that will stop progress in every area of our lives.


As an educator I have seen fear consume some students to the point they quit because they believe the lies that fear shouts into their minds. Zach Williams wrote a song titled “Fear is a Liar”. The lyrics say fear shouts to us, “You’re not good enough, you’re not strong enough, you’re not worthy, you’re not loved, you’re not beautiful, and you’ll never be enough”. I want our students to know they don’t have to listen to those LIES that FEAR shouts to us! They can choose to not allow fear to control their lives. Remember, fear is not real! It is a product of the thoughts you have created in your mind. We often fear the things that have not taken place and will probably never take place. Feeling fear is not a choice, however BEING afraid is!

False Evidence Appearing Real

An acronym that we share often in regards to FEAR is F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real. I used to be terrified of flying in an airplane! The fact is though, I love to travel therefore I was willing to face my fears when it came to flying. I was determined to overcome that fear. It didn’t happen overnight but the more and more I flew I got “COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE”. I also looked at the research when it comes to being in an airplane crash. The research shows that I would have to fly on average once a day every day for 22,000 years before I would die in a U.S. commercial airplane accident. I would have 1 in a 1 million chance of being involved in an airplane accident. Such a great example to me of FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.

Where are you stuck?

The one question I have for you today is; What have you talked yourself OUT OF because FEAR has a grip on you? I love this quote, “Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free”. This picture of being stuck in the mud is a great visual. The only way to get completely stuck is if you stay in the mud long enough to allow it to dry. Where have you stayed stuck too long? Is it time you lift one foot out in front of the other? The moment you make that decision to step out of fear doesn’t mean the feeling of fear will completely go away. However, the more and more you step out the less afraid you will be. Get to moving!!!

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