March 17, 2017

Graduate Spotlight-Bethany Dreiling

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Graduate Spotlight-Bethany Dreiling

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1.Where are you from?

Claflin, KS

2.What was the defining moment in you choosing to attend cosmetology school?

My mom actually encouraged me to go on my school visit. I had always loved doing hair/make-up/nails growing up & my parents were very supportive in my decision! Also, my grandma was a cosmetologist so I’m sure that’s what sparked my interest in the first place.

3.What fears did you have and how did you overcome them?

I was very nervous & scared to work on clients I didn’t know. It was scary enough having to talk to people I didn’t know (for sometimes hours at a time) let alone cutting or coloring a strangers hair! I was nervous people wouldn’t want to come back or like what I did. I’ll be the first to admit it was really hard for me at first but now I love meeting new people & hearing their stories!

4.What were some of your favorite aspects of Hays Academy of Hair Design and your time in school?

I met some amazing friends at school that are still great friends now. Hair school really pushed me out of my comfort zone. The teachers would say “get comfortable being uncomfortable” & I hated that at first. It didn’t take me long to realize this industry is always changing so we have to constantly push ourselves to keep up. That’s part of why I love what I do, it never gets boring because there’s always something to learn!

5.Where are you working now?

Salon 1007 here in Downtown Hays

6.How long have you been there?

I actually just had my 5 year anniversary at the salon this month!

7.Are you happy with your decision to enter this wonderful industry?

I absolutely love what I do. I always look forward to going to the salon because I truly enjoy being there. I remember one of the instructors saying “if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”. That statement couldn’t be more true! When I wake up every morning I don’t dread going to “work”, instead I’m excited to get to the salon to see all my friends & clients…to me it’s not work it’s fun!

8.What career goals do you have and what are your plans to achieve them?

I hope to stay busy & to continue my education. As long as I keep learning new techniques & trends I can keep my clients happy which at the end of the day is all that matters to me!

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Book with Bethany in Hays at Salon 1007