January 8, 2016

Hairstyles for a Fun Night Out


Hairstyles for a Fun Night Out

So, you and a group of friends are going out for dinner and fun.  You have your outfit picked out, shoes to match, but you have no idea what you are going to do with your hair!  Don’t worry! You are not the only woman with this dilemma!  You resort to YouTube to watch how-to guides for updo’s but they are too difficult or the camera didn’t move to show you how you do that last step.  Its frustrating!  So frustrating in fact that now you are sweating, your makeup is smeared, and you just want to give up and put on some Victoria’s Secret sweats and watch Netflix.  Take a deep breath, set that wine glass down a minute, and say to yourself “Girl, you’ve got this!”

Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina, Kansas and Hays, Kansas is here to help!  Our incredible students can take you from depressed to impressed with their 5-star customer service and outstanding skills!  Updo’s are always a fun time for both the client and the student as creativity meets your desired look!  You get treated like the beautiful and successful woman you are by another who shares the same desire you do; for you to look and feel beautiful inside and out.  All of this— a great experience, a passionate stylist, and a beautiful updo for only $15.00. 

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