May 8, 2018

How much is Cosmetology School?

How much is tuition for cosmetology school?

How much is cosmetology school? The answer will vary from school to school, but we can outline it for Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas. Our cosmetology program is 1500 hours of training, and can be completed in as little as 11 months all at an affordable price. . We strive to create a quality education without sacrificing affordability. Our school remains one of the lowest-priced programs in Kansas!

At Hays Academy, our total tuition cost comes out to $17,200 (at the time of writing in 2022). This covers:

  • Registration Fee
  • Books
  • Cosmetology Kit & Equipment
  • Education
  • Student Salon Production
  • Student Salon Supervision
  • First Round of State Testing

Hays Academy believes that each aspiring student can make their education a priority and so we offer financial aid is available for those who qualify as well as many scholarship opportunities. Hays Academy also offers scheduled payment plans to cover any out of pocket costs not covered by financial aid.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify

Financial aid (for those who qualify) comes in three different forms.

  • Federal Grants. A grant is money provided by the government that does not have to be paid back. These funds can be used to help cover tuition as well as living expenses in some cases.
  • Subsidized Loans. These are loans made to eligible undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. They can be used to help cover the costs of higher education at a college or career school.
  • Unsubsidized Loans. These are loans made to eligible undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. In this case, the student does not have to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the loan.

Financial Literacy is important to us!

The understanding of financial literacy is of utmost importance to our educational process. We strive to help you become a hirable and financially responsible graduate. It is a mission we take very seriously.

Navigating student loan debt can be overwhelming. However, Hays Academy offers education in how to best manage your loans. This education includes paying interest early, making payments before loans are due and setting up automatic payments. Students have an open-door policy with our staff to ask questions and gain knowledge on their own student loan situations.

Compare us to the competition!

We know you in the process of making a major buying decision and you need to feel good about it! We encourage every student who walks in our doors to compare us to those who offer a similar education. You will be glad you did too. Compare our programs, our culture, the kit, and even our environment, and compare the total cost. We think you will be glad you did. There is no reason to enter the workforce with any more debt than necessary!

Need Help?

Please know that if you need help we are here for you! If you are interested in learning more about Hays Academy of Hair Design, or how to apply for federal aid, please reach out to one of our amazing admissions representatives!

Hays Campus- Randi

[email protected]

Call or Text (785) 628-6624

Salina Campus- Krista

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Call or Text (785) 833-2280