November 15, 2016

Inspirational Story-Gentle Kindness

Inspirational Story-Gentle Kindness

Cosmetology-the industry where you can change people’s lives while you do their hair. Talk about an incredible story with a happy ending. You never know the impact you can have on someone simply by doing your job and having a heart.

Viola, an 85-year-old woman came in to get her hair permed. She had never been to our salon before and seemed to be a little uncomfortable in our contemporary salon. Surrounded by young people with various colors of hair, trendy clothes and vibrant personalities, she considered leaving before one young lady greeted her and brought her to the salon chair. As she asked her about the service she was here to receive, the stylist could see the deep sadness and despair in this elderly woman’s eyes. Placing her hand on Viola’s shoulder, the stylist asked If she was okay. Viola replied that her husband had recently passed away and she wanted to get her hair done before the funeral. The stylist, holding back tears, expressed her deep condolences for Viola and expressed that she was so sorry for her loss. After talking about her late husband, Arthur, Viola started to tell about the good times they had, the trips they had taken and the love of being married for 66 years had brought to her life. As the stylist began the service, she asked questions about Arthur, about their life together, and was able to get Viola smiling and laughing as she recalled funny times they had and the joy they shared. Once the perm was complete, Viola told the stylist that she was a God send, as she was able to finally find it in her to smile and how good it felt to celebrate Arthur’s life with someone who seemed to really care.

You see, being a stylist is a special kind of lifestyle, not a job. You have the ability to make people’s day in many ways. Perhaps if we would all take the time to talk to one another instead of flipping through our phones, actually looking each other in the eye, we could create a better place. Take the time today to appreciate what you have, and help someone in need.

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