June 2, 2015

Through a Stylists Eyes by Lana Carmona of Hair Loft Salon and Spa

Styling hair

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6AM: Wake up, shower; yes you do have to do your hair and makeup, yes you should always look 100%

8:30AM: Order color, training for 2 hours with my associate to help build her career

11:00AM: Start my clients for the day… 11:45, 12:30, 1:15 and so on, taking a different guest every 45 minutes. And yes, that adds up to 11 clients in one day that I get to make beautiful

8:30PM: Get home, go into wife and mommy mode, and eat dinner

10:30PM: Go to bed


Lana Carmona

Sounds crazy right? Not to me! I love my career—everyday, all day, I truly love what I do! I get to make my mark on the world, with my hands, my words and my heart. I get to stand tall (Literally, 10-12 hours a day), and make a difference in my guests eyes. As people touch my heart, I get the opportunity to touch theirs, being their get away from reality. I get to build up better and brighter futures for new stylists coming out into our world by training them, helping them and guiding them into their future.

As a stylist, we have a crazy, busy, hectic schedule but when Aubrey comes in at 1:15 today, I get excited. Remember to always inspire yourself because you’re the only one that can take charge of your future. I’m happy because I know I count, I know I made a difference in someone else’s life and that is why I love my career

“Kindness is when you loan your strength to someone else” — Andy Stanley

***Hays Academy of Hair Design would like to thank Lana and Hair Loft Salon and Spa for their continued dedication to the industry and Salina.  Hair Loft Salon and Spa can be contacted by calling (785) 827-2306 or by visiting them on the web at salinahairloft.com.***