August 21, 2018

Marketing Today

Marketing today has changed drastically over the past several years! Hays Academy of Hair Design, with campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas, strives to be on the cutting edge in marketing strategies. Social media has been a game changer in the marketing experience and many of our students and alumni have taken advantage of it! If you are not taking time out of each day to market yourself, you may be slipping to your competition.

The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has embraced the online marketing opportunities with open arms. Like it or not, we live in a hashtag, selfie society. You can either run from the idea of online marketing or adapt to it. Those who have decided to jump in head first are seeing great results. There are some strategies to employ however in order to experience higher success rates.

Marketing Strategies

Staying up to date with the latest marketing strategies can be incredibly advantageous. While there may be no sure fire recipe, there are strategies that seem to have more success. shares 10 best practices that seem to pop up on a regular basis. One common mistake that is often made is over posting. There needs to be a happy medium when marketing yourself, don’t overdue it!

Alumni Success

Hays Academy has some great alumni success stories when it comes to marketing today. We have a number of past students who are using social media to their advantage and we will share some with you here. No matter what it is you are focusing on, there is an opportunity to make yourself more well known, no matter where you live.


Pretty nails are a desire of many. With that being said, it is a pretty competitive market for a somewhat specialized service. You have to make yourself stand out in a crowd. These two Hays Academy graduates have done just that! Catherine Barrington recently relocated to Wichita Kansas. It was important for her to build her business as quickly as possible. With the help of social media, it appears she has done a great job! You can follow her@catsglitteratinails. Flower Ramirez also does an exceptional job touting her talents in the world of nails. If you are in the Great Bend area, you have probably seen her work online or in person. Follow Flower and see her work @framirez1255.


Makeup has exploded in the recent past. Whether it is for a wedding, a formal dance, or just learning about the right product and how to apply it, makeup interest is at a high. This creates a competitive environment and you need to be the one that peaks the interest of those looking. Hays Academy graduate and substitute teacher Morgan Pfeifer is good at what she does, both at makeup and marketing! Follow Morgan @glambymorganpfeifer to see how she is using social media to her advantage. Monica Martinez is another Hays Academy graduate doing big things! She took a bold leap of faith by relocating to Kansas City. With a dedicated work ethic and the assistance of social media, Monica has positioned herself for success in a large market. Follow Monica @missmomart to see her latest work!


Hair….what’s trending and what’s not? That is a question we all want answered. The first place we want to look is at pictures and the social media platform is perfect for that! Stand out by showing off your abilities with your own online portfolio that literally thousands can see. Hays Academy graduate Chelsie Meyers loves to showcase her work and does a great job doing it! Follow Chelsie and take notes!

What are you doing well or seeing as success? We want to know…..comment below!

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