February 21, 2017

What has Mentorship done for Usher?

What has Mentorship done for Usher?

As a stylist, you work hard to learn new trends, provide excellent services to your clients and strive to become the best at your trade. These ideals are very important in any career, but in cosmetology, they are the lifeblood of your existence and relevance as a stylist.

Mentorship is something that develops people into better versions of themselves. As everyone is aware, Usher is a celebrity that has traveled the world sharing his gift of music while giving back to communities of people who need it the most. For many, the goal of stardom is something that may seem impossible to achieve. Like Usher, if you do not have a mentor, you aren’t likely to make it to the top.

Mentorship is defined as the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution. In cosmetology, this could be a senior stylist in the salon you work, a co-worker, a salon owner, a celebrity stylist, or even just a genuine soul that provides you with a different, more broad view of understanding. Perhaps a mentor provides you with the character traits you need to become the best version of yourself possible. Regardless of what their profession is, regardless of their age or position in life, a mentor builds a bond and a type of accountability that is so very beneficial.

Who do you look up to as a mentor? How often do you meet with them? Are you a mentor for others? Mentorship should always be a cycle. You receive the benefit of another person’s character and trust and you pass that along to another person who does the same.

Hays Academy of Hair Design has been fortunate to have many mentors as owners and employees. Many staff and students look at the owners of Hays Academy as someone they would like to be. They ask for advice on industry and personal situations and cherish the relationship that bond brings. For many students, they find mentorship in their coaches and instructors and staff. Senior students have been known to become mentors for less experienced students. An incredible culture is created because of these relationships that last longer than one’s time at our school. They are lifetime bonds that are especially meaningful to all involved.

Mentorship is a gift. Find someone who you can trust, someone you can talk openly with. Then, be that person for someone else. You never know where it can take you. Who knows, you may be the next Usher, but of the cosmetology industry.

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