April 29, 2016

Nail Technicians in Great Demand


     Why nail technicians are rarely out of work.

At Hays Academy of Hair Design, our nail technology students are finding jobs in the community, and keeping them.  Clients and community members of Hays and Salina have asked Hays Academy staff why it is that these students choose to complete our nail tech program and the answer is simple:

1-Manicures and pedicures are addictive

Do you remember the first time you went into a nail salon and got a service done?  What about the incredible hand or foot massage you received?  What about that feeling of your skin being soft and moisturized when you left?  You see, these are among the reasons people are addicted to manicures and pedicures.  They just cannot get over how incredible their hands or feet feel when they leave. 

2-It is a recession proof industry

In the early-mid 2000’s when America was experiencing the worst recession we had seen since the famous crash, there were only a few industries that were thriving…and cosmetology/nail technology was one of them.  It seems that regardless of how bad people’s finances are, they are willing to spend good money to look/feel amazing!  Great nails empower people and in turn, encourage them to return to their nail technician. 

3-People prefer a professional

There are hundreds of do-it-yourself kits for nails.  Seriously, one could search all day on the internet and not find the same product twice.  Thing is, people have tried ALL of those products and have come to the same conclusion: they’re better off with their nail technician! 

Are you ready to change your life by becoming a nail technician?  Are you wanting to make a difference in people’s lives? Perhaps you are a college student looking to make money while going to school! Let your journey begin at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina or Hays, Kansas!  Our passionate and enthusiastic staff will work with you to help you become educated in this growing field.  In addition to nail technician classes, you will be taught the Nuts & Bolts Business Training courses!  Contact one of our admissions reps today! 

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Salina Campus- Krista Waldman, Call or Text (785) 833-2280