January 8, 2019

New Year New You

It might sound a bit cliche, but a New Year can mean a New You! That may be hard to wrap your head around, maybe you are happy right where you are at. For others, 2019 may be the time you change things up a bit!

New Year New Career

Maybe the new year means its time for you to find a new career! So many times we find ourselves “stuck in the mud” at our existing job. Too many people have settled for this job rather than chase after their passion in life. What are you waiting for? What is preventing you from chasing after YOUR passion? For far too many of us, we have made excusses or talked ourselves out of doing what we love because of one reason or another. Make 2019 the year you chase after your passion! The saying is, you will never work a day of your life if you do what you love…..it’s time for you to do what you love!

Take the Next Step

If you have had a life long passion, maybe it’s time for you to take the next step. Investigate how you can work towards this lifelong goal. What education will you need? Do you have industry knowlede? Where is the right place for you to become prepared? If cosmetology is your passion, we would love to visit with you! You can reach Randi Gerstner at our Hays Campus or Krista Waldman at our Salina Campus, or feel free to call us at 785-628-3981! These two ladies are very helpful and accommodating in addition to having a deep desire to help you!

New Year New YOU

For some, the new year may just spark a desire for a new you. Maybe you’re currently in the career field of your dreams but you are ready for a new hair color, a scultped haircut, or looking for some texture. Suppose its a manicure or pedicure or a relaxing facial. You may have even heard about our new Hairtalk tape in extensions. At Hays Academy, our full service student salon is eager to help you! All services are performed by supervised students that would love to make you LOOK and FEEL better! You can book your services online or call us at 785-628-6624.

Make 2019 Great!

Regardless of your situation, make 2019 great! We are looking forward to another amazing year of great guests, amazing students, and being a part of two communities that mean a lot to us! May 2019 be all you want and more…..God Bless!