March 4, 2020

Spring Hair and Make Up Trends

It’s safe to say that many of us want to stay trendy, so we thought it’d be appropriate to share some Spring hair and make up trends with you! While this topic is a very popular one, we decided to look to some notable sources for help on this very interesting topic. We’d love to hear your thoughts too!


Make up trends have arguably been the most popular of all trends the last few years, and one of the leaders in sharing is Cosmopolitan! Here is what they have to say about make up trends in 2020! As always, we’d love to help you with any of your hair, skin, or make up desires!


Allure is another prominent source to keep you up to date with the latest trends. Whether it’s eyelash extensions, unique make up, or that hair style you have never thought of, Allure provides several trendy options! There is no doubt that you will see many different suggestions in their Spring Trend tips!

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