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From the Hays Academy Family, to You!

May 27, 2015/0/3
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As another class graduates and leaves Hays Academy, I can’t help but think of all the students who have come through our doors, and left. Some are eager to leave and get out into the real world, some wishing they could stay forever, most are grateful for the time spent with us over the last year. I can’t tell you how many students, when asked the question “What advice do you have for the other students?”, give the answer of “be a sponge, soak up as much knowledge from the instructors as you can!” It’s great to hear that reply, and I feel as if it will never get old. The Facebook status’, messages, and texts thanking us for all our help for the past year make my heart feel so full, but to the past, present, and future students here are some things you may not know…

YOU mean the absolute world to us! Before even knowing us you decide to dedicate a whole year of your life with us. You trust us with helping you make your dreams come true, and that within itself is so fulfilling. The funny, or not so funny thing about chasing your dreams is the rest of your life happens as well. Some things that you may or may not have control over (Good days, bad days, sickness, deaths, breakups, weddings, pregnancy). Please know that we are all here for you today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.

eleanor-roosevelt-quoteWe think of YOU as our own! I personally, only have a baby with four legs, smelly breath, who drools and barks a lot, even though that isn’t the case for all the staff, we still claim all of you, every last one. When people ask me how many kids I have my reply is “oh…about 50,” (you should see the looks I get). Although you may be older, younger, or the same age as us, we care for you, and will treat you as our own. You are going to make mistakes throughout the year here, and I hope you never chalk it up as a “loss”, I hope you chalk it up as a “learn,” and we will, just like parents, love you any way.

We LOVE your “ah-ha” moment! I used to warn every basics class cosmetology takes somethings you thought you already know how to do (like using a curling iron) and makes it feel sometimes like rocket science, but once you figure it out, it will be forever stuck in your brain. IT WILL BE HARD, at first. You may say “I “can’t” ______,” but the truth is, YOU CAN, you just don’t know how yet, and we will help you figure it out. There will be a day when it finally “clicks”, and you come running through the school, full of excitement, eyes gleaming, and yelling “Miss _______, Miss ______, I DID IT!!!!” Please know, we all live for that moment.

Your graduation is hard on US, too! For a whole year, 4-5 days out of the week we spend it with you. In that year we get to know you, your family, your likes/dislikes, your strengths/weakness’. We see you on your good days, bad days, happy days, sad days and everything in between. Once 1500 hours is up, it’s a very double edged sword for us, we’re excited for you and your future, but we hate to see you go. Please come back and tell us how awesome and successful you are, we love to hear it!
So for all the Hays Academy future students, current students, and alumni from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for being the reason we wake up every day and giving us the privilege of teaching you. Thank you for breathing life into our days and allowing us to do what we love. I knew when I started I was helping change the lives of many aspiring cosmetologists at Hays Academy, but what I didn’t know was how much the students at Hays Academy would change mine.