August 7, 2015

Tips to Achieving Gainful Employment at Hays Academy of Hair Design



Tips to Achieving Gainful Employment at Hays Academy of Hair Design

Attaining a job that will provide you with fulfillment as well as allow you to experience financial stability may be the exact reason you entered cosmetology. Perhaps you want to be able to make people feel incredible inside and out. Whatever your reason for entering cosmetology, the fact is, you need a position that allows you to be fulfilled in this career.

As a student at Hays Academy of Hair Design, you have a number of resources for professional and Unknownpersonal growth and achievement. One of which is the Student Services office where salon openings are posted and researched. These jobs are provided by top salons in the area that want Hays Academy graduates on their team! The advantage of working with the Student Services office goes far beyond simply finding a job; they help you get the job.

By building an outstanding cover letter, resume and portfolio, you are setting yourself up for success. Your student services contact will gladly review and give pointers on how to improve these items that are necessary to achieve a career.

The old expression “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” doesn’t always apply to all situations. You can still land the job of your dreams without initially knowing anyone at the salon or spa you desire to work in. But, it does help to get to know them. Job shadowing is a phenomenal way to introduce yourself and get a solid feel for what is going on in that particular salon. You can learn the atmosphere, see how the cosmetologists interact with each other and clients, as well as scope out what kind of retail and color lines they offer. The experience of job shadowing is incredibly valuable. If you haven’t begun this journey, what are you waiting for?

A positive and upbeat attitude is vital to your success in achieving the job of your dreams. If you want it bad enough, there is nothing you won’t do to attain it! Smile! Be confident in your skills yet ready and willing to learn new ones. Show you care about your future and the future of the salon you are applying at, and you are sure to find positive feedback from the manager or owner.