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Transformations of Students to Stylists by Brooke Martins

July 31, 2015/0/0
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Transformations of Students to Stylists by Brooke Martins, HAHD Basics Instructor

I remember when I was younger, the first day of school had me feeling many emotions of anticipation, excitement, anxiousness, fear and happiness. These emotions were the greatest for me when I began my first day of cosmetology school. I had so many questions; is this the correct career choice for me? Will I meet friends here? Will I like this industry? Can I succeed? The answers to all of these questions, for me, were answered in a fast and short year.

I know many of our students start out sharing these same emotions and questions. As the Basics teacher,image2 I get to observe our student’s first weeks after they begin school. What I have come to learn is that every student enters our doors from all walks of life. But yet, we all come together and share a common determination and passion and that is to become a professional in the cosmetology industry. I truly believe that God places certain people our lives at specific times when we need them the most.  And with that in mind, at the end of the day, no matter where each of us come from we can always support one another because we have the same aspirations.

Each student that joins our Hays Academy family encounters a unique and special journey of their own. Which leads to my absolute favorite part of my job and that is getting to witness the transformation our students go through while in school! I love watching these shy “basics students” who are unsure, full of questions and anticipation develop into excited, confident and talented professionals.
My hope is that each and every student can answer the questions above without a doubt that yes, I did make the correct career choice! Yes, I have met my very best friends in hair school.  Yes, I absolutely love this industry, and lastly, yes I did succeed and have so much more success that I can achieve!