March 6, 2018

Trending Now: Are you in?

Trending Now: Are you in?

Spring is upon us, and it is time to get ourselves in check with what is trending in fashion! With that comes hair, makeup and clothing trends!


1. It’s all about the bob! We are seeing tons of variations of the timeless bob popping up. It is likely that as you are scrolling through Pinterest, flipping through magazines or watching your favorite TV series, you may have noticed this as well. Based on your hair texture, your stylist can create a bob tailored to you. Trending now is a precise, clean line. It can be worn sleek and straight or with texture to create that “undone” messy look.

2. The curtain fringe. If you aren’t quite brave enough to go with a full micro fringe that is trending this spring, start here! The curtain fringe looks awesome with the center part and is versatile with most haircuts!

3. The modern shag. Julianne Hough is always at the forefront of trending hair, and this spring she has stepped out with an awesome new take on the Shag! A very textured, layered look that frames the face, getting longer in the back is making its way back into the salon!


1. The ‘bare’-ly there look. Celebs are stepping out onto the red carpet with beautiful, natural makeup. Does this mean they aren’t wearing any? No, it doesn’t. It is a combination of a well-matched foundation, highlight, blush (think peaches/light pinks), gold/bronze shadow, light liner and LASHES.

2. It’s all about the lashes. It’s no secret that long and full lashes are in. Even though makeup is trending to a more natural look, lashes are going to the extreme to compliment it. Lash artists are busier than ever as lash extensions increase in popularity. Not ready to take the plunge for lash extensions? A strip lash is easy to apply to get a longer lash look.

3. The full brow game. No, not a uni-brow. Those aren’t trending. However, over-tweezed, pencil thin eyebrows are out, and a more natural, fuller brow is in! Letting them grow fuller and filling them in is on trend this spring.

Clothing: If it happened in the 90s, it’s making its way back this spring!

1. Floral. Embroidered floral, pastel floral, spring floral, all things floral.

Overalls. Skinny, distressed denim overalls, linen overalls, shorts overalls will all be seen in stores this spring.

2. Midi-dress. If you’re not in to short dresses, these are for you! These hit mid shin, and are so cute with booties transitioning from winter to spring.

Hays Academy of Hair Design is ready to get your hair, skin and nails spring ready. Appointments are filling up before spring break, so contact us to secure your time!

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