June 2, 2016

My True Colors by Nicole Krueger


MY TRUE COLORS by Nicole Kroeger

Have you ever been told, “you’re showing your true colors”. What does that even mean? I never knew, but now I know if I ever hear that statement, I’m going to say yes, I am and proud of it.

After taking a color test I found out that I am a gold, not just a little gold, but a very strong, shiny gold. If you’ve never taken a color test, do it, I dare you. Kidding, it’s fun, and when you read the description of your color, you’ll be like OMG, that’s so me and it explains so much.

I have been an Instructor for 14 years and  I have been told that I am intimidating, blunt, and even mean and rude. Lets just say in the beginning that stung just a little, I look at my students like they are my family or even my own children. If you asked my children and other members of my family they will tell you that I am blunt and sometimes brutally honest. Here are some descriptive words for a gold.

  • strong sense of right and wrong in life
  • sensible and punctual
  • value home,family, and tradition
  • caring, concerned, and concrete
  • follows rules and respects authority
  • work comes before play
  • organized
  • demonstrates love and affection through practical things

Ways to succeed with a gold friend or coworker

  • remember to be on time
  • try to be extra organized and efficient
  • we are generous, but like things returned
  • be dependable, loyal
  • respect their need for security

So as you can see  as a gold I like for rules to be black and white with no gray, gray to a gold will only cause chaos and that just causes extra work that is unnecessary. Being on time is being there 10 to 15 minutes before your expected, to some just being here when expected to being on time, not wrong, just different ways to think.

Have all the fun and  enjoy yourself as soon as the work is done. Golds will enjoy themselves once the work is done and they don’t have to worry about it.

Being practical and realistic is very important to a gold. So if you want their opinion or advice that is exactly what you will get honest practical advice and opinions, it’s not meant to be mean, they are showing you that they care about and love you.

So take the color test, you may find out a lot about yourself and you may understand your coworkers and friends better. No one color is better than the other we are all just different. It doesn’t mean that one color or the other is a better employee, employer, coworker, or friend. We’re all just a bunch of different colors trying to work together to make the world more colorful!

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