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Oxygen Mask- by Danielle Markley, Co-Owner of Hays Academy of Hair Design

April 21, 2015/3/0
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Have you ever truly thought about the concept of “putting on your own oxygen mask before others”? We travel and fly a lot throughout the year, and every time I hear a stewardess say this it makes me ponder my own actions throughout life. So often we tend to give, give, give to others and we don’t put ourselves first. Many people in life will encourage us to put others needs before our own, otherwise we are “selfish”. However, I have found every time I do this I become depleted and don’t have enough to go around.


Photo from: www.dvorak.org

In my industry of cosmetology/teaching its important for me to help others feel good, look good, and to inspire them everyday; however how can I help in this way if I’m exhausted/unhappy/uninspired myself? Shouldn’t I be putting my own oxygen mask on before I attend to others?!

I’ve learned throughout time that there are many things that help me everyday to be at my BEST…so I can help inspire others! If I choose to set my alarm 30 minutes early, it allows me time for MYSELF. Below is a list of ideas that hopefully will be your “oxygen mask” to start your day off right first thing in the morning!

*Thank God for the blessings in my life
*Listen to uplifting/fun/inspiring music while getting ready
*While driving to work listen to great motivational speeches on YouTube
*Journal my prayers and thanks
*Spend quiet time drinking my coffee and reading my bible

There are some days I do this and then there are some days that I simply go through the routines of life. Everyday I have to remind myself to “put on my mask first” before I can ever be a DAY MAKER to anyone else….and I hope you do as well!!

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Comments (3)
  • Karen labarge / April 21, 2015 /

    Thanks for always being my inspiration Dani, love you to the moon and back!!!!

  • chelsea / April 22, 2015 /

    What happens when you do all of these things but still feel depleted? That’s where I’m at right now.

  • Donna Stejskal / April 22, 2015 /

    Just what I needed to hear. Thanks

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