June 29, 2018


Several years ago the owners of Hays Academy sat down and thought about what their ultimate vision was for Hays Academy students. We bounced ideas around and consulted with our trusted partners….Nuts and Bolts Business Training. Ultimately, we came up with the vision statement that has been shared with staff and students for the past several years. Creating this vision statement was a key component in ensuring that between our two campuses we all stayed on the same page when it came to what our ultimate goal as a company was. We functioned for several years without this vision statement but knew that we were missing something! This has been our road map for the last several years and has given us a defined direction of where we want to be. Our vision statement is short and simple but very effective: To graduate the most hireable, financially responsible students in the world.

Fulfill the Vision

At Hays Academy we know we have won when we fulfill the vision with our students. There is really 3 key components to this statement. The first being “graduate”. We strive to have every student that starts with us FINISH! So often in today’s culture we are told to move on to something else when things get hard. Life is hard sometimes. Perseverance is often a characteristic trait that is lacking in our culture today. We GIVE UP too easily! The hair industry is a tough industry however if you can persevere it is a very rewarding industry to be in. Therefore we strive to push our students to finish what they started!

Second Component

The second component of our vision statement is to help our students be hireable! We want our students to get the salon job of their dreams! We want salons to know that if a student attended Hays Academy that they have been given the tools to be a great hire by that salon. Being hireable encompasses alot of traits. The first being dependable! Showing up and being on time is a very valued trait by many salon owners. Being hireable means looking the part of a salon professional EVERYDAY! You have to represent what you are trying to sell. Although there are many more we can list, we would have to say that the 3rd trait that’s very important to be hireable is a positive attitude. Nobody likes to work with a “Debbie Downer”. One bad attitude can ruin the culture of an entire salon environment.

Component Number Three

Component number three of our vision statement is financial responsibility. We strive to teach our students how to make money in the salon industry as well as how to manage that money responsibly. Statistics have shown that 1 out of 3 cosmetology student graduates will move into a different industry within the first year of employment because they don’t know how to make money in our industry. Therefore, they are leaving jobs that they love to go get a job that they hate in order to pay their bills. Making money in the salon industry is more than just knowing how to perform a great haircut or doing a beautiful updo. This is the reason we offer the Nuts and Bolts Business Training program at Hays Academy! We want our graduates to make $$ when they leave!

Do You Have a Vision

Do you have a vision statement? Even if you don’t own a business you can have a personal vision statement that you can refer back to often to ensure you are going in the right direction. Lastly we will leave you with a wonderful quote about vision by Nelson Mandela, “Action without VISION is only passing time, VISION without action is merely day dreaming, but VISION with ACTION can change the world.”

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