January 24, 2017

What Would Beyonce Do?

What Would Beyonce Do?

Queen B is known around the world for being an edgy superstar. Married to Jay Z, the two have become one of the most referred to super couples in entertainment. From performing to sold out crowds around the globe to performing at the White House, you could say she has influenced people far and wide in many different ways, one of which is style.

What would Beyonce do?

Hair has to be perfect for the situation…every situation! She may not do her own hair, but you can bet that she isn’t settling for anything average. Perfection in her realm isn’t an option, and if you want people to take you seriously, to command their attention when you are talking with them, your hair needs to be perfect for that situation.

Your makeup allows you to provide vivid expression to accentuate your look and people’s perception. From dark and drastic to light and soft, you are able to send the message that you are the focal point! Have you ever noticed that backup dancers for Beyonce are behind her or that she is in the center? Have you noticed that all of the dancers have great hair and makeup, but that none of them look as incredible as Queen B? There is a reason for this, Beyonce is the star! Be the one who becomes the center of attention for a good reason!

The end result is the ability to establish yourself as a strong, beautiful and independent professional. Forget the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and substitute it with “Be Queen B”.

“Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.”-Beyonce

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