March 12, 2019

What’s Your Foundation?

Religious Foundation at Work

What’s your foundation built on? We have probably all heard about and understand the importance of a solid foundation. Our foundation is what holds us up on the daily. At Hays Academy of Hair Design, with campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas, our foundation is firmly built on the Lord. 

Scary Stuff

It’s always scary stuff when you talk about two things….religion and politics. At Hays Academy, we decided to make the bold decision that hiding our faith from work was no longer who we wanted to be. This is our foundation and we are proud of it! God has given us a wonderful platform to share the good news and we are excited to do just that! Of course, we don’t force this upon any of those who enter, but it is absolutley there for the taking!

Why You Might Ask?

Why, you might ask, do we care to take this step? The answer is quite simple for us. We get one shot at this effort here on earth. Why not make the most of it to glorify God and be obedient to what he has called us to do? We could wonder like the Isrealites for 40 years or choose to be faithful with that he has given us, we decided to choose the latter.  

It’s Not Easy

So being’s we are 100% human we have to confess, it’s not easy. It’s not easy because we are destined to make mistakes, and that eventually disappoints someone. We have come to terms with the fact that we are not perfect, but we will strive everyday to do our best. Our goal will always be to provide a work environment for our team that is encouraging and uplifting. We want to go the extra steps to provide an education for our students that goes well beyond teaching them to be a good stylists and salon service provider. It is of utmost importance to us to care for our guests that come into each of our campuses to the best of our ability. Our hope is to do all of this in a setting of love and care. 

Take a Look

Take a look at this short video here. We were honored to do this piece for Celebration Community Church in Hays Kansas for the recent Work as Worship conference. Our hope is that you might be encouraged today! May God Bless you and yours!