Have Questions?

We hope these common questions and answers make choosing Hays Academy of Hair Design your destination for quality education in cosmetology or nails. For any other questions, clarification, or just to say hi, you can contact us online or by phone! Our admissions team and administrators are eager to help you with the next step in your education and to clarify any considerations you may have about the program and future.

Learn more and explore how Hays Academy of Hair Design is offering students unique professional opportunities in the cosmetology or nails field.

Where Are Hays Academy Of Hair Design Campuses Located?

We have two campuses fully-equipped to give you in-depth training and experience. Both campuses offer both our cosmetology and nail programs, so you can choose the location closest to you!

Explore convenient parking, city amenities, and convenience around either of our locations. No matter which you choose, you will receive the same high-quality service, education, and results.

How Do I Schedule a Tour?

Reach out to the campus you are interested in by giving us a call or filling out a form on our website. From there, we will find a time that works best for you to walk through our facilities, meet the staff, and go over admission requirements together.

Is Hays Academy of Hair Design Accredited?

Yes! Hays Academy of Hair Design is nationally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Our commitment to excellence means exemplifying national standards for a robust education, maximizing job prospects, and providing students with the care and resources they need to thrive—no matter where they are in their career development or application process.

What Does It Mean To Be Accredited?

Accreditation makes it possible for qualified students to participate in federal financial aid programs. Also, achieving accreditation demonstrates that the school in question meets stringent national education standards.

By choosing an accredited school, you can move forward in your education confident that the skills and academic structure are held to high standards.

When Do Classes Start?

Classes start at different times throughout the year, so it’s always a good time to reach out and see when you can start your first day of class! In general, our programs often start four times per year during these months:

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • October
If I Am a Veteran or I Am Unemployed, Do I Qualify for Additional Benefits?

As an accredited school, federal aid is accessible to students who meet financing criteria. There are a number of different programs reserved for individuals in these circumstances. Give us a call for assistance in applying for these benefits, and an admissions director will walk you through the process and extent of the program.

How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?

Go online to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). Use these codes to better help us see what you may qualify for.

  • Hays Campus:015944 
  • Salina Campus: E02178 

Filling out the FAFSA® can help determine eligibility for Pell Grants and other types of federal loans.

Will Hays Academy of Hair Design be notified once I have applied for Financial Aid?

Yes, if you use codes 015944 (Hays Campus) or E02178 (Salina Campus) when you apply. It takes approximately two or three weeks from the date that you submit your FAFSA® for Hays Academy of Hair Design to receive it. Upon receiving your information, we will contact you about eligibility information and answer any additional questions you may have about starting cosmetology or nail school.

What Is the Difference Between Pell Grants, Unsubsidized Loans, and Subsidized Loans?

A Pell Grant is a need-based grant that is generally awarded to students who have not yet earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree. A Pell Grant does not have to be repaid, and offers a unique opportunity for career growth.

An Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is available to all eligible students regardless of financial need. Interest begins accruing as soon as the loan is disbursed, and payments often begin 6 months after you leave school.

A Subsidized Stafford Loan is available to those who demonstrate financial need. You do not need to pay interest that accrues while you are in school, and similar to an Unsubsidized loan, payments often begin 6 months after you leave school.

Visit www.fafsa.gov online for more information, or to submit your FAFSA®.

What Is a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling?

A Master Promissory Note (MPN) is the electronic loan agreement that you will sign if you wish to receive any federal loans. Entrance Counseling is an information session that must be completed online prior to the receipt of any federal loans. Both of these items can be completed online at www.studentaid.gov, with our administrators available to help.

Are All Programs Offered at Both Campuses?

Yes, both nail technology and cosmetology are taught at both campuses. No matter which campus you choose, you are receiving the same high-quality and thorough education. Transit or transfer between campuses is not required for graduation.

Will I Get a Job After Graduation?

Hays Academy has assisted in educating and mentoring many graduates who have gone on to start successful careers upon graduation. Although no school can guarantee employment, there are a number of ways that Hays Academy of Hair Design supports students in achieving careers:

  1. Career Services. Our teams keep active relations with salons in the area and are informed of new salon openings, ongoing opportunities, and job fairs.
  2. Personal Cover Letter and Resume Assistance. We collaborate to optimize your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to be better prepared for interviews with potential employers.
  3. Portfolio Building. We help you learn how to showcase your best work on social media and other platforms.
  4. Networking Opportunities With Local Salons. Meet, engage with, and get to know local employers through our collaborative events such as career fairs.

Business Classes. Understanding the fundamentals of business and salon management can assist students in their future careers. We emphasize both theory and practical knowledge, which lends managerial and administrative experience for our students.

What Services Do You Offer in Your School’s Salon?

We have the full list of services and prices of services listed online. If you don’t see the service you want done listed on our website, call us, as it may still be possible! And, all salon services are provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals, which means you can support our students as you receive a new hairstyle, haircut, manicure, or something else!

How Do I Schedule an Appointment in the Salon?

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, give either our Hays campus or Salina campus a call or fill out a form! We’ll ask you when you want to set your appointment and what service you’re requesting. We ask that as our students are learning, expect appointments to take longer than a traditional salon appointment. Thanks for your support!


  • Hays Academy of Hair Design is a great school. The owners and instructors truly seem to care about our success in school and afterwards. They do so much more than just preparing you for your state board exams. They help you build habits and character that will last a lifetime and help you in your career and life in general.

    Bailey J.

    Hays Academy of Hair Design provided me the tools, experience, and opportunity to go out and succeed. Whenever I was feeling down they always went out of their way to pick me back up. They made me realize you can go anywhere in life as long as you work hard and want it They definitely care about their students and it is so plain to see that. They made me feel like one of their own, I can definitely see why they say “Welcome to the family”.

    Lexie R.
  • I will absolutely miss my time as a student here and always have a special place in my heart for this school, staff, and the other students! I have made so many accomplishments in my short time here and made some lifelong friends along the way! I am very appreciative of the staff for always pushing me to do my best, and would ALWAYS recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn the best education they can receive for Cosmetology!
    – Salina Campus

    Kylie M.

    After graduating high school I was looking for an amazing school where I could start my career. I toured at Hays Academy and it was the perfect fit for me. After starting they soon became family and I created amazing relationships with fellow students. Hays Academy provided a great learning environment to create a foundation in skills that I will carry with me to the salon. In the past year my life has changed for the best and it is because of my experience at Hays Academy.
    – Hays Campus

    Tori D.
  • When I came to Hays Academy of Hair Design, I was nervous. But I quickly felt like part of the family. Hays Academy of Hair Design was like my second home. I loved getting up and going to school! I will always be grateful for the new path I’ve been given.
    – Hays Campus

    Kari N.

    “I loved my experience here. The teachers were great and always there when I needed something. I’m super excited to get out on my own and know that I always have people I can look up to!”
    -Salina Campus

    Paige P.

Hays Campus

1214 E 27th St,
Hays, KS 67601

(785) 628-6624

Salina Campus

115 S 5th St,
Salina, KS 67401

(785) 833-2280
  • Hays Campus

  • Salina Campus