February 2, 2016

New Trend in Cosmetology


New Trend in Cosmetology

What you are doing as a student makes a difference in what your future will hold.  There is a new trend among cosmetology students across the nation, and it is fueling this industry with some of the highest quality graduates on record.  We are talking about not only hire-ability, but trendsetters and go-getters who have made a mark on one of the fastest and most ever-changing fields out there.

Cosmetology students across the nation are taking their futures into their own hands while they are still in school.  They are building portfolios of their work, making resumes and cover letters, job shadowing at their favorite salons and competing in competitions.  Their steadfast desire to be the next big artist is fueling their careers unlike anything this industry has ever seen, and it pays off in amazing ways for these young people. 

The payoff?  Jobs.  Not just a job…the job they want at the salon or spa they desired so much to work at the most!  Recently, a Hays Academy of Hair Design student who had job shadowed at a local salon found that the salon was not hiring at the time of her shadow experience.  She continued to work hard building her portfolio and seeking experiences from other salons when the original salon owner called her and said that there was an immediate opening and that she wanted to hire this student right now!  The salon owner recognized the student’s drive to succeed as well as her innovative ways of going about her job search.  What is the lesson here?  Be revolutionary.  Be a bright light to the salon you want to work for.  Go above and beyond, and good things will happen in return. 

Do you want to be the next Hays Academy of Hair Design success story?  Do you desire to rise above your peers and achieve the job of your dreams? Are you up for the challenge?  Now is the time to put in the hard work.  If you need guidance or are seeking the answers to your job related questions, see your Student Services person today!

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