September 20, 2016

This is just part of what has made us successful

The key factor of our success

A proper consultation conducted by supervised students is essential to ensuring our guests are provided with outstanding salon services. Community members in both Salina and Hays, Kansas have expressed how thorough our students are in their process of understanding the needs of the client in their chair. The Nuts and Bolts Business Training Program teaches students to Ask, Listen, Act (ALA) before they get to work making guests look and feel amazing. At Hays Academy, we have added an additional step to this process of ALA; Repeat. Ask, Listen, Repeat, Act. By utilizing this additional step, not only is the client being reassured in their service, but the student is ensuring accuracy from what they have heard. The following information, when expressed to our students, is helpful in assisting them in producing outstanding services.

What products do you currently use in your hair?
Not only are we needing to know the types of shampoo and conditioner you use, but also the styling products you implement into your daily regimen. What brands you use including the types of product (hairspray, gel, mousse, creame, and etc.) are helpful in determining if the style or color you came in for will be impacted negatively by the products you use.

How often do you shampoo your hair?
This question, particularly for color treated hair, is vital to your ability to maintain the color for as long as possible. Many of our clients are thrilled to learn that they can purchase specific products that increase the time between color services.

Do you use a blow dryer or hot tools when styling your hair?
Heat can change the integrity of your hair if it is color treated or if used in combination of certain styling products. We want to assist you in ensuring your hair is vibrant and healthy not only when you leave our salon, but the entire time you are between appointments.

Are you exposed to UV rays on a regular basis? (Sunlight or Tanning Beds)
Extreme exposure to UV rays can alter the color of your hair whether your hair is your natural color or color treated. We carry products that help protect your hair from harmful rays that can alter your hair color in our salons.

Do you take any medications that cause skin irritations, or do you have any diseases like diabetes that can have adverse skin reactions?
This is very important! We need to be sure that by applying lightener (a process used to go from dark hair to lighter colored hair) that your scalp will not be affected. Please feel free to express any concerns you have about this process with one of our highly trained instructors. We are happy to help educate clients in all situations regarding their care!

If your hair is currently color treated, particularly from a box color like what you may purchase at a chain store like Walmart, should you tell us?
Absolutely! Knowing if your hair is colored by a professional or via box color is extremely important to ensuring you receive the result you desire. Don’t worry, we take no offense if you used box color or if you have been to another stylist! All we care about is satisfying your need for the perfect color application!

For over 20 combined years between two campuses, Hays Academy of Hair Design has gained a reputation for being a highly talented school, yet affordable. Our guests become part of our family as they see the value of saving money while receiving top notch services as they promote education. We are proud of this reputation, and we look forward to going above and beyond for you in the years to come.

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