November 8, 2016

The Benefit of Job Shadowing

The Benefit of Job Shadowing

For many cosmetology students, their first thought of attending cosmetology school occurred when they were sitting in a salon chair getting services done at a great salon with phenomenal stylists. Witnessing people who were excited and passionate about their careers who have the ability to make someone not only look amazing, but to feel incredible inspires clients on a regular basis. These examples detail what is so special about this industry-inspiration and desire to create something beautiful in the lives of everyday people.

After a student has spent some time in cosmetology school at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Hays or Salina, Kansas they begin to really dedicate themselves to finding a salon to work at once they are graduated and licensed. Motivated students tend to start this process soon after they are out of our basics program and on the student salon floor. After being exposed to the teachings of our Nuts and Bolts Business Training Program, many find themselves with a solid understanding of what it takes to get the job they want. Now, it is important to note that although Hays Academy will help you build a resume, cover letter, portfolio and seek salons that are hiring on your behalf, we cannot guarantee you a job. We will work tirelessly for you, but ultimately, getting the job is up to you!

In reality, getting the job you want is attainable. There is one key element that helps you become more inclined to gain their attention and promotes a level of familiarity between you and the salon owner/manager and staff-job shadowing. Job shadowing has provided many Hays Academy of Hair Design alumni the opportunity to determine if the salon they are observing is right for them. This also allows them to ask questions and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the salon culture. If you job shadow, your ability to connect to the current staff of the salon increases, and so does your likelihood of landing an interview.

Hays Academy of Hair Design’s Student Services contact desires to make meaningful and lasting relationships with salon owners from all over the area. If there is a specific salon that you are interested in knowing about, please contact Tyler and have him do some research on your behalf. Once he gets some of your questions answered, hopefully you will set up an appointment to job shadow at that salon. It truly makes a difference!

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