August 18, 2016

3 Essential Beard Care and Styling Tips by

beard3 Essential Beard Care and Styling Tips by

By now you’re familiar with the rising trend of men keeping beards and growing facial hair. With this sudden rise comes the responsibility to groom and and care for that beard properly.

Its not just about looking good – you want to avoid the itching and dandruff that is often associated with a lack of proper care.

That’s why taking the time to learn and implement a proper beard care routine is highly recommended for a softer, healthy beard.

Here are some valuable tips that new growers and even those who have been keeping beards for a few years:

1. Maintenance Routine: You need a proper maintenance routine for your beard. It doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes here or there and it will make a substantial difference. Combing the beard and washing it are two of the simplest ways.

Based on your needs you can choose a few beard care products that address the issues you are facing such as dandruff, itching. etc.

2. One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Just because your friend or someone you know got great results with a beard oil, that doesn’t mean its going to have the same results for you.

Beards are highly personalized and vary from person to person. For some a beard oil works better and other prefer a beard balm or a beard conditioner that washes out in the shower.

Many beard products contain scents, so if you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or simply prefer unscented products – make sure that your oil or conditioner comes without scents since scented products will clash with your cologne.

2. Gentleness: For many their facial hair can be more brittle and easily prone to breakage. You want to be as gentle as possible when combing your beard. Avoid the urge to pulling or scratching your beard as much as possible as that will only lead to more irritation.

This is especially true for new growth since beard hair tends to be coarser than regular hair you need a certain level of gentleness.

After a shower you want to avoid drying with a towel in the same way you do the hair on your heard. Try dabbing and gently rubbing to slowly dry it down. Always towel dry your facial hair carefully.

3. Unruly Beards Can Be Tamed: Men often complain that their beards won’t grow a certain way or that they look disheveled.

Its a bit too idealistic to compare your beard to others since there are so many factors (some of them beyond your control) that affect how your beard looks.

However, you can address common issues with simple solutions such as washing the beard to have it look neater, applying the beard products that work for you, combing with a precise, short-toothed comb, and more. So don’t give up – and know that there is always something you can do to make your facial hair look great.  

The Beard Care Blog at has more tips and advice about proper beard care and grooming.

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