August 31, 2016

3 Fall Hair Color Essentials

3 Fall Hair Color Essentials

As we enter September, many will be entering salons all across the region to get their Fall look on! We love this time of year as pumpkin flavored everything enters the stores, the leaves change color, and football season takes off. We also love to see the students at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas showcase their talent and skill by transforming clients summer looks into beautiful fall fashion! There are three essential elements to consider when changing your hair color, and we wanted to give you the lowdown now, so you can keep them in mind as you make your transition into a Fall hair goddess!

1) Keep your skin tone in mind

Having a specific skin complexion can limit variable wearability of certain hair colors. When searching for the color you want, keep an eye on the skin tone of the model in the photo. Search for hair color by skin tone in Google and that will allow you to incorporate both ideas and see how it could turn out for you! Another idea is to talk to your stylist and an instructor at Hays Academy of Hair Design. See what they would recommend. These students and professionals love to assist in getting you exactly what would make you look and feel beautiful and confident!

2) Maintenance

Knowing what it will take to keep that color looking vibrant and fresh is a vital piece to getting your moneys worth in a color service. Many places are quick to give you the color of your dreams but fail to discuss the upkeep needed to maintain the look. Hays Academy offers a full line of products for all hair types and colors from Wella and Sebastian that will assist you in this process and will maximize the ability to keep colors lasting between services. For example, did you know that we have a specific shampoo that is for lightened hair? It is a very popular shampoo that has set itself apart from the competition and makes a serious impact on keeping your hair lighter longer.

3) Wardrobe

What you wear on a regular basis is an important understanding to take on when considering your hair color. Do you have to wear a uniform to work? Some colors really clash with what you might wear on a regular basis. Make sure you stand out in a good way! Imagine if you wear red a lot and you get a burgundy hair color…see what I mean? Feel free to bring in some of your favorite tops to see how the color will match up! We strive to give you the service you NEED so you can look the way you WANT!

There is no limit to what Hays Academy can do with Wella Professionals color line. From rich dark colors to vibrant light colors we can custom color your hair to your specifications. We encourage you to bring in some examples of what you would like and speak to an instructor for a free consultation regarding cost and serviceability for your new Fall look! If you have no idea what you would like to do, come in anyway! We would love to help you discover your newest look as we make you feel at home in our state of the art student salon!

Color services in our salon start at as little as $35. Isn’t it time you treat yourself and not have to pay a price you feel guilty for? Call us today!

Hays Campus (785) 628-6624

Salina Campus (785) 833-2280

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