June 28, 2016

3 Reasons to Support Your Local Cosmetology School


3 Reasons to Support Your Local Cosmetology School

The days of being experimented on are beyond over.  Today’s cosmetology schools are better than they have ever been, being supervised by talented and industry experienced staff who inspire and direct students to produce the most incredible services imaginable.  There are a number of reasons why patrons of local cosmetology schools return time and time again. 

Support Education

Today’s high school education is as important as ever, however it is seldom enough to provide an individual the ability to attain gainful employment. More so than ever additional education is needed, and Cosmetology is one of the fastest growing fields in the nation! Students in cosmetology are often times some of the best artistic individuals our areas have to offer.  Not only are they creative, but they are perfectionists who will stop at nothing to provide you with the cut/color/style you so desire.  Everyone needs hair services done. Why not support local education while doing it?


Services at Hays Academy of Hair Design, as well as other cosmetology schools across the region offer lower prices than traditional salons.  This price point is often lower due to the fact that services tend to take a little longer as students are supervised while conducting the service.  That being said, you can achieve a beautiful and fulfilling new hairstyle for much less money than going to area salons.  Your dollars go much further at places like Hays Academy of Hair Design.

Promote Growth

People who seek education after high school are contributing to the local economy.  They become specialized in a trade or track and assist in moving our nation in a forward direction. These people pay back student loans, pay taxes and become contributing members of our society!  There is nothing that says “thank you” to a cosmetologist more so than you coming back and telling your friends.  Promote the growth of your country and this industry by showing your stylist you care!

Hays Academy of Hair Design has a large number of clients who look forward to interactions with our upbeat and personable students and staff.  We have a great time together and make relationships that last a lifetime. We hope you will join us at either of our Kansas locations in Hays or Salina soon!

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