December 16, 2016

Client Care in the Holiday Season

Client Care in the Holiday Season

The holiday season, for some, can be a time of joy and celebration as families come together from all over to be together and celebrate the reason for Christmas. For others, the holiday season is one of hardship and sadness. For example, this may be the first Christmas without a loved one who has passed in the last year. Another example includes those who spend the holidays alone, without family and in a state of sadness.

As a salon and spa professional, being able to recognize and understand your client’s needs for hair, skin and nails is an essential part of your job. What tends to separate a great stylist from a good one is the ability to recognize the emotional state of your client and working towards bettering it.

Being a cosmetology school, Hays Academy of Hair Design strives to push our students out of their comfort zones and to embrace becoming comfortable being uncomfortable as Jim Yates, owner and CEO of Nuts and Bolts Business Training Program expresses to our students. Being able to inspire people, being able to show them compassion, being able to genuinely care for them is as important as giving them a great hairstyle or other salon service.

Once students graduate from either our Hays or Salina, Kansas schools and enter the salon, it is our hope that they will maintain the personal touch with clients and continue to enrich their lives beyond excellent cosmetology services.

Let us work together this Holiday season to not only make people look incredible, but to also help them feel amazing. This is a gift that goes beyond anything you can put under a tree.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ Damon Richards

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