December 20, 2016

3 Results of Professional Social Media Pages

Over one billion people are active on Facebook and more than 100 million people use Instagram regularly. The ability to reach new clients has never been more accessible in history! Are you developing a solid foundation in social media to showcase your work and your salon? Regardless of how you answer that question, Hays Academy of Hair Design has found three essential aspects to know when you question building a professional page on social media. These three points should be enough to inspire you to build a professional profile for your work!

-By having a professional page, you increase your exposure to potential clients!For example, Sarah comes in for a trim and a balayage. You take a before picture of her hair, do incredible work, and then take an after photo. You post these photos to your social media profile and tag Sarah and the next thing you know, people are complementing her hair and seeking you for a new look! The more people who like the post or comment on it, the better…right? Absolutely!

-By having a professional page, you decrease your expenses for marketing
Facebook and Instagram are free for users. This free service allows you to post and give details of happenings and specials to all of your followers. Also, you can build sponsored ads that are very affordable compared to newspapers, radio and television commercials. Also, you can track how many people are seeing your ad, how may are interacting with it and more! This allows you to get more for your money, which is important to any business person.

-By having a professional page, you build loyalty from your clientele. Having the ability to showcase your work (show off your skills on your clients) people feel appreciated and valued by being featured on your page. They will come back to you because you made them feel special and important to you.

Knowing what works in advertising can be overwhelming. In the cosmetology industry the best types of advertisements are visual! People want to actually see what you are capable of before they invest in you. Radio cannot show anyone your skills. Television ads and newspapers will only feature so many photos. Social media is unlimited! Use these techniques, and you will likely find yourself having success in building and maintaining a solid clientele.

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