January 13, 2017

 3 Things to Know Before the Hair Competition

Hays Academy of Hair Design students in Salina and Hays, Kansas are exposed to many aspects of the cosmetology industry throughout their time in school. From a full cosmetology educational experience to actual salon visits to business training, our students have the opportunity to become very well versed in industry demands and techniques.

One of the most exciting aspects of a cosmetology education at Hays Academy of Hair Design includes the opportunity to compete in national and international competitions. Competing allows students to put their best work out there to be judged by industry professionals which can really launch their careers in beauty! Recent Hays Academy of Hair Design graduate Megan Hertel is an excellent example of how competitions can make dreams come true. From being an assistant to a celebrity stylist in Spain to being on the cover of Modern Salon magazine, Megan has become a familiar name in the United States cosmetology industry.

Being able to succeed isn’t just about the ability to perform amazing cosmetology services, it takes having an excellent model to showcase your skills. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when seeking a model and participating in competitions;

1.Hair- You need to be able to know the hair of your model in a comprehensive manner. The density, length, texture and condition of the hair is vital to understand prior to choosing the model.

2.The model needs to be comfortable with the hair cut/color/style prior to starting the services. Also, it is important that the model is comfortable in the runway and photo clothing being worn. Not feeling confident can really damage the ability to provide a look that judges will score well.

3.You as a stylist and your model both need to know about the potential benefits of competing. Many photos will end up on social media sites as well as websites and videos online. People who see it may include salon owners, brand representatives, modeling agencies and more. This could lead to some really unique and exciting possibilities for your future career.

Do not hesitate to talk to current/former competitors who can help calm your nerves in some areas, and alert you to pay specific attention to other areas. Most people are willing to discuss their experiences in competitions and the wealth of information you receive could give you an advantage in the future.

As always, Hays Academy of Hair Design is excited to see your work! We love observing when your passion and creativity come together to create something powerful. Best of luck, and know we are cheering you on!

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