March 22, 2017

Financial Education for Hays Academy of Hair Design Students

Financial Education for Hays Academy of Hair Design Students

When you think about cosmetology school, you likely picture students providing services such as hair color, haircuts, manicure and pedicures. These self-evident aspects of an education in cosmetology are typical across the globe. In addition to students learning technical skills, they are also required to have a vast amount of classroom time in which they study everything from chemistry to anatomy to customer service skills. The entire package of their education is full of needed aspects of the industry and what is required by the State Board of Cosmetology.

Many do not realize the benefit of financial education at Hays Academy of Hair Design goes beyond the textbooks and services we offer. In fact, few people in our communities do not realize how holistic a Hays Academy education is. We strive to graduate the most hirable, financially responsible graduates in the nation. The process of educating student about how to be financially successful is very in-depth and can be quite specific in many aspects.

The following items detail the top 3 ways in which Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas assists graduates in a comprehensive financial way;

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are essential to promote how to successfully get through school and save money in the process. We break down how student loans work, where Pell Grants come from and how to maximize the money you borrow. Once students understand how the loan borrowing works, we discuss how they can go about paying loans back though budgeting while developing their clientele and finding success in a salon. Using real life examples and demonstrating how much per day, week and month it takes to succeed, students walk away with a clear picture of where their income needs to be in order to be financially stable. This is a great starting point for their financial education, but we take it further than this.

One-on-One Goal Setting and Transparency

Each student is interviewed four times while they go through school with the Student Services contact. During this time, they discuss where the student would like to work as well as their aspirations in the industry. The student services contact will research potential jobs and salons across the country to build and maintain salon relationships. Included in these meetings are financial education aspects like financial aid and the chance to answer time periods and the availability for the student to see how much money is owed for loans and how they go about repaying loans.

Hays Academy wants each student to understand where they are financially, how they can thrive as a student and a graduate, and to have complete confidence in moving forward.

Cosmetology education isn’t all about hair, skin and nails…it’s about being able to be a productive and contributing member of society.

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