June 16, 2016

5 things you are doing to your hair that you shouldn’t be doing

woman-playing-with-her-hair5 things you are doing to your hair that you shouldn’t be doing

Day by day we go through our normal routine, focusing on the tasks that need to be completed and doing all we can to accomplish those work goals.  From dusk until dawn, we may spend a whole 10 minutes working on our hair, but its really what we do in our day that influence the health of your strands! Check out the 5 things you may be doing that take its toll on your hair.

1. Hair tied up too tightly

Maybe you threw your hair up into a ponytail to go to crossfit this morning not thinking about the damage you are actually doing.  A tight ponytail pulls at the scalp and causes damage to your roots.  Also, the hair tie you are using may be doing more damage. Instead of a thin tie, use a thicker one. The thinner the hair tie, the more it can cause breakage to your strands. 

2. Sleeping on cotton pillow sheets

While you get your 8 hours (yeah right) you may be doing real damage to your hair.  Cotton pillow cases can cause split ends and frizzy hair.  Rustling back and forth, the accidental pulling of your hair and the chemical releases from your scalp and strands can all be affected by this style of bedding.  Instead, try a silk or satin pillowcase and see a world of difference in your morning routine.

3. Rough towel drying

Speaking of a morning routine, when you get out of the shower don’t dry your hair in a rapid and rough manner.  Wet hair is the most vulnerable hair. Focus on lightly drying your hair or blow drying carefully and without a great deal of extended exposure of heat.

4. Smoking

We all know the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes, but few know the damage it causes your beautiful locks! Smoke causes the hair to become brittle and dull increasing the risks of breakage.  Another aspect to be aware of is smoking causing early greying.  Smoking is a lose-lose in many aspects of health.

5. Avoiding the Hair Dresser

Growing your hair out?  Wanting long/healthy locks?  The best thing you can do in this process is to see your Hays Academy of Hair Design student stylist every 6-8 weeks for a trim.  Split ends, if not trimmed cause hair to become less healthy and in need of balance.  Add a reconditioning treatment or Nioxin scalp treatment to revitalize and promote hair growth! 

Hays Academy of Hair Design is here for all of your hair needs.  We strive to help educate our clients on the best remedies to promote the satisfaction of the look you desire.  Our supervised students are ready to make a difference.  Book your next appointment today!

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