February 7, 2017

7 Tips for Out of Town Salon Job Searching

7 Tips for Out of Town Salon Job Searching

Hays Academy of Hair Design students in Salina and Hays, Kansas are getting jobs and becoming professionals in the industry all over the Midwest and even across the country. We take pride in knowing our Family of Graduates are finding success and enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

Are you currently seeking a career in a town outside of Hays or Salina? If so, we would love to give you some advice in this process! Also, feel free to work with our Student Services contact who will work diligently to explore your desires of salon life in a new city! Below you will find some helpful ideas on how to begin your process of finding the salon you desire!

1. Ensure your cover letter, resume and portfolio are all in outstanding order. Utilizing beautymob.com in your portfolio is essential to being able to share your portfolio with not only business owners and managers, but also with potential clients in your new city.
2. Determine what it is you want the most out of a salon. Perhaps you want a commission based full-service salon that allows you to provide full salon and spa services to your clients. Or, are you someone who only wants to do cuts and colors? Maybe you want to provide haircuts only. Whatever you desire the most, it is essential that you find a salon that accommodates your wishes. It is good practice to be choosy in your salon selection.
3. Utilize social media and Google. Seeing what kind of reviews salons receive can give you insight into public opinion of the salon you are researching. Keep in mind, if a salon doesn’t utilize social media, that they aren’t taking advantage of being able to reach new clientele. Social media and Google can help you see what the salon looks like and what kind of products they offer. This information is important as you will want to be in an updated and clean/trendy salon. The salon website is great to see what their service offered are and the price range for their services. While on the website, check out the stylists and see about following them on social media. Seeing the type of work they produce allows you to gauge how trendy they are as well as their ability.
4. Ensure your social media presence is tasteful. The days of being a partier are gone and the time to be a professional is now. Go through your photos and ensure that they show you in a professional light. This is one of the first areas employers check before they interview you. It isn’t a bad idea to have a staff member check it once you think you are in good shape. Also, keep your posts professional. Drama is not a welcome attribute in a salon.
5. Build a solid reference sheet. Having industry professionals that can explain your abilities and strengths is one of the most valuable tools you can possess. Instructors and staff have observed your work ethic and coachability for nearly a year.
6. Job shadow at every salon you are interested in at least twice. It is a good idea to see what the salon is like when they are busy as well as slow. Ask a lot of questions, seek their advice and be ready to learn. Dressing the part is also important in this time. See what others wear while at work and see what you have that is similar.
7. Have a positive outlook and attitude. Yes, this is going to be some work. But, if you follow these steps, you are most likely to find the salon that fits you best and that is worth all of your time and efforts!

Let us know how we can be of assistance. We want to see you happy and successful!