October 7, 2022

7 Ways to Prepare for Hays Academy

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Are you about to start school at Hays Academy of Hair Design? We  look forward to having you join us and teaming together to achieve success! Hays Academy of Hair Design strives to provide you with a  well-rounded education that can help expedite your ability to succeed in this industry.

There are a few things you should consider and prepare for before you start school. Being well prepared allows you to maximize the time you spend at school and promotes growth and success! Keep these things in mind as you approach your start date!

1. Expect Many Emotions

The beauty industry is a great field for those who are seeking to express their creativity and open themselves to many opportunities. Beauty school is the first step on the road to the industry and can be an amazing experience to those who are properly prepared. Here’s what to expect:

  • Excitement: Beauty school culture is fun and challenging! Just like starting anything new, there is a level of excitement that comes with it. This excitement may wear off as you get used to your environment, but if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never be bored!
  • Stress: Like anything worth doing, beauty school can be tough. Learning new skills, adjusting to a new schedule, and meeting new people can leave you feeling stressed. Just remember, stress can motivate you to achieve your goals, as long as you manage it.
  • Confidence: As you continue to learn, those skills that were once new to you become easier. Your confidence can grow as you keep practicing and mastering new techniques.

These are just some of the emotions you can expect to feel during beauty school. Be prepared for anything, and know that your feelings are valid! Expect to have hard days, but expect those awesome days too. 

2. Have a Positive Mindset

positive attitude

We know a positive mindset isn’t always easy. Beauty school can be hard at times, and stress can feel overwhelming. Try to remember that bad days don’t last, and that you have amazing talent! Focus on the positive future ahead of you, rather than the negative things you have yet to learn. Your experience can be much better just by a change in outlook! 

3. Keep Loved Ones Informed

Keeping your loved ones informed can give you an awesome support system! They can check in on you and help out when you’re stressed. Your employer can create schedules that work for you or family members can help babysit if you have children. In addition to making things easier, letting people know what you are up to allows them to consider you as their next stylist! It is never too early to promote yourself!

4. Stay Organized

It is so important to prioritize your schedule. Set time aside for family, work, and other priorities so you can have a great school/life balance.  Making a schedule is your best bet to ensure that all of your needs get met. Finding a balance may take some adjusting, but in the end, this will prepare you and your family for the most smooth transition. Here are some easy ways to stay organized:

staying organized

  • Set goals 
  • Limit distractions
  • Write down a plan
  • Track progress
  • Follow a routine
  • Give yourself breaks 

5. Dress to Impress

As a cosmetology student, you need to look like a cosmetologist! Hair done, neat, clean clothes and makeup done are all essentials to sending a message to those around you that you are a professional. 

Feel free to come into our Salina or Hays campus and get a haircut by one of our current *students! This will allow you to make a connection, see how we do things, and get a great haircut! We would love to meet you, too!

*All services are performed under the direct supervision  of a licensed instructor.

6. Have Fun!

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As long as you stay focused and continue to work hard, it’s okay to have fun. If you love what you’re doing, you should enjoy it, right? Having fun is also important to protecting your mental health. Taking time to have fun can help you to avoid burnout and maintain a positive attitude. Focus on the joys in life and find little ways to make your day fun!

7. Start Networking

It’s never too early to get your name out there. Even if you don’t have experience, it’s important to start networking! Follow other beauty professionals on social media or visit potential salons you want to work at after graduation. Build those connections now so that by the time you’re ready to start working, you already have contacts!

Start Your Journey at Hays Academy of Hair Design

When it comes to trying something new, you may find yourself a little stressed, nervous or scared. We understand that, but just know we are so excited to see you start your journey to becoming a cosmetologist or nail technician. We want to  help you to feel right at home in any way that we can! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour!

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