October 20, 2015

A Different Perspective by Spencer Wesley


A Different Perspective by Spencer Wesley

Seeing is believing, perception is reality. However you phrase it, there is truth that our interpretation of the world around us ultimately becomes the world we live in. Being a man in an industry predominately filled with powerful women can sound intimidating. Sure, it may even cause some to question the masculinity of an individual man that chooses such a career path. This is all based on social normality, one point of view. The simple fact of the matter is that we are all individual people and every individual has a different perspective to offer which is especially important in this industry.

All my life I have always considered myself an artist. The important thing to recognize about art is that it can be both aesthetically pleasing and also deeply expressive. When I finally realized that I could implement my innate calling from my creative mind into a career that services others, I was all in! Now, most clients in your chair don’t want to become a Picasso piece! They want to look good, not outlandish. There is, however, a sense of artistry that catered to the individual wishes and qualities of suitability for each client. Whether or not other stylists view themselves as artists, it is in my opinion that we are ALL artists in the industry and it is important to recognize what we do as a craft.

Developing an “invisible signature” in how I style, cut, color, or however I service my client is a goal of mine. I want my clients to walk down the street and have passerby pedestrians know “they got their hair done by Spencer” in the most positive way possible.  I have a burning vision inside of me that is a kindled ember the moment a client sits in my chair and consults with me, but it is not until we are finished and I see the refreshed, happy expression on their face that my inner flame ignites. At the moment, I glow with excitement and joy. Whatever service I give to a client, there is one common medium I use in all of my work. It is not paint, graphite, paper, or pens. It is love. I am grateful to God for the gift of creativity and even more grateful that He has led me to a path that is so rewarding for my spirit. I perceive every individual as beautiful and it is up to us as stylists to give our guests the vision to see it for themselves.

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