March 11, 2020

Award Winning

Award Winning

Not many people are aware that Hays Academy is one of the more well known award winning cosmetology schools out there! After taking a look at the list of awards, you will probably be surprised yourself. It is important to know, Hays Academy loves to compete and see our students make it on the big stage. To date, we have witnessed our students accept awards in Long Beach California, Chicago, Omaha, New York, and even go on an all expense paid trip to Barcelona Spain! We understand that this isn’t for everyone, but if you want to experience the competition side of the industry, Hays Academy may be the perfect place for you!

Why Compete

Maybe you are asking yourself the question of……why compete? While this is something we do not require our students to do, we undestand that taking this step is oftentimes a game changer for them in this industry. It gets our students out of their comfort zones and encourages them to grow! It seems to be the times that the energy is at its peak and our students love the process from start to finish. While it’s not easy, it certainly can be rewarding! Take a look at one of our favorite competitions and the perks than come along with being a finalist!

What is Involved

Another common question is…..what is involved? Most of the competitions that Hays Academy competes in are centered around hair. The process begins with the students selecting a model. This is arguably the most important aspect of the process. Next, the stylist creates a plan, which we refer to as a mood board. By doing this, they create a visual direction for their goals. From here, they consult with one of the educators to determine if the model and mood board are aligned to execute the end goal. Assuming all of the prior steps are met, the student then begins doing the hair and make-up. The finishing touches are added and then the photo shoot takes place. After the photo shoot, the pictures are submitted to the competition. The results are usually announced and if the student is selected they go to the next phase!

How Often

Another very common question is how often do these competitions take place? Most of the events Hays Academy gets involved with are in the Spring. Oftentimes, the student can do one model and submit that work into different competitions. That is not set in stone however. If there are opportunities that are available and appear to be good for our students, Hays Academy is always willing to compete!

Choosing a School

There are several factors involved when it comes to choosing a school. We certainly don’t want you to think a school that takes place in competitions is the best. We do however want you to understand that choosing a school in a metro area doesn’t make that school better. Choosing a school that has a brand new building or spends a lot of money on advertising doesn’t make that school better. When it comes to you choosing a school, you need to feel good about the decision. Is the curriculum up to date? Are there “extras” in the curriculum that offer value to your experience? Does the cost of the school seem competitive and worth what is being offered? Does the culture and environment fit your needs? Have you talked to past students or guests about their experience? We know there is a lot to think about and we would love to help! If you have ANY questions, give us a call or text us at 785-628-6624.

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