July 11, 2018

Blonde Hair Care

Blonde hair care has always been a challenge and we want to help! Whether you are platinum from scalp to ends, have balayage, heavy highlights or are in the process of going lighter, your used-to-be hair routine needs to be thrown out the window! Blonde hair needs different treatment. Special treatment! They say blondes have more fun, but to keep it fun it needs to be taken care of!

Here are some ideas to keep your blonde fresh and properly cared for:

Stop the daily washes!

Yep, you read that right…Stop the daily washes! Lightening hair is going to dry it out some, it’s almost inevitable! We recommend you do not wash your hair every day. Shampoos (even hydrating shampoos) are designed to remove build up and oil from your hair. Your natural oils are what help keep your hair hydrated! SO….our solution to keep your hair smelling great and not looking oily is to use a dry shampoo. If you haven’t hopped on the dry shampoo train, what are you waiting for? We have two favorites here: Dry Me by EIMI, and Dry Clean Only by Sebastian. Both are available at Hays Academy of Hair Design!

Keep the unwanted undertones away!

To keep the unwanted undertones away may sound difficult, but we can help! Even if you leave the salon seeing no warmth in your blonde, over time that toner will fade and will expose some yellow or brassy undertones… which nobody wants! We recommend using a tinted shampoo once a week (or more often if needed). Our two favorites that we carry are Matrix So Silver and Matrix Brass Off! The pigmented shampoo will help keep it toned in between visits to your stylist.


Moisture is the key. As stated above, you will notice some dryness. To combat this we recommend scheduling to get reconditioning treatments, or purchasing a reconditioning treatment to take home and give your hair some TLC! Our favorites that we carry are Sebastian Penetraitt, Sebastian Drench, Wella Oil Reflections, and Wella Fusionplex.

Regular haircuts!

If the though of getting regular haircuts makes you cringe, embrace it! Make a plan with your stylist to allow them to know you are looking for just a trim or dusting to keep your hair healthy, even if you are trying to grow it out! When your ends are split, you will notice growth at the scalp but not at the ends. This is caused by breakage at the splits! We recommend getting regular trims every eight weeks .

Protect it!

Your hair is precious so take the time to protect it! If you are using any heat (blowdryer, flat iron, curling iron, wand) extra protection is a necessity! See previous blog on our favorites HERE. Also, before jumping in the pool, ocean or lake, make sure you are using a leave in conditioner to avoid the gnarly and dreaded green locks that chlorine can cause. Even if you aren’t getting in chlorine, being outside can cause damage because of UV rays. A leave in conditioner will also help protect your hair from that type of heat too!

Bond it!

When we say bond it, we are not talking about 007. Many salons are getting on board with amazing new technology that actually rebuilds the bonds that are being broken at the time of color. At Hays Academy of Hair Design, we are absolutely head over heels for Wellaplex. It can be added into your lightener during your color service or can act as a stand alone service as well!

Wide tooth comb it!

In reference to your hair, has your stylist told you that you need to wide tooth comb it? When your hair is wet, it is more fragile – especially when it is lightened. We recommend using only a wet brush (which we have for retail) or a wide tooth comb if your hair is wet to help prevent breakage.

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