May 20, 2016

The Bob Hairstyle is IN for Summer 2016

ZendayaThe Bob Hairstyle is IN for Summer 2016

Summertime is coming, and awesome hairstyles are coming with it!  Have you seen the latest trends for summertime in 2016? The bob hairstyle is making its way to the front of the in-demand style of cuts.  These hairstyles are blowing people away with their varied lengths and colors to match. 

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

This classic bob features style from the early 20th century that are becoming more and more desirable from women of all ages.  Lily Collins hair color is a great accent to her eye color in this photo and the cut length is perfect in retrospect to her face shape.  These are crucial aspects to any haircut/color/style and the students at Hays Academy of Hair Design stand ready to assess these features to provide you with a beautiful new look!  This bob style is more of a formal style that could be worn to company parties or even date night!



Another beautiful bob style is displayed by Rihanna.  This style is again cut to her face shape and the style being parted in the center is an acceptable style for classy events or more contemporary wear.  Having styling products that produce a look is essential.  In this style, she has shine, functionality, and solid hold.  With our Wella line of styling products, we are able to reproduce this look for our clients.


Taylor Swift

A blog about the bob haircut and style would not be complete without Taylor Swift being included.  Taylor is sporting a very popular bob in this example and is known for her bob hairstyles.  This messy and wearable bob has beautiful colors to add dimension and is styled to display volume.  A fringy bob like this is accentuated by a classic blow dry style that our students love to cut and recreate.

Hays Academy in Salina and Hays, Kansas are your exclusive Wella Signature Schools in Kansas.  We look forward to showing you the passion and talent of our students and staff.  You can book appointments with us on Facebook, our website or by calling us.  Hays-(785) 628-6624 and Salina-(785) 833-2280.

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