October 7, 2016

Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes

There are assumptions made about every industry that exists that are completely false. For example, all lawyers aren’t alcoholics, all mechanics aren’t dishonest, and all cosmetologists aren’t poor. These outright lies damage reputations and promote false understandings of hard working and dedicated professionals.

As the student services person for Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas, I spend a great amount of time going to salons, talking with stylists and being able to observe their work in person. I am always inspired by these salon visits as I get the opportunity to really grasp how the industry is alive and vibrant in my community. I tend to follow a great deal of stylists from these salons on social media so I can keep up to date on their accomplishments as well as the needs for their salons in regards to hiring stylists. I am impressed with their professional AND their personal lives! Stylists are taking vacations to incredible places, buying new cars and houses and finding financial success-which destroys the stigma that you cannot make money as a hairdresser.

I believe that you do have to start from the bottom and work hard to rise in any industry. When I graduated from a four-year university, I was offered a job that did not pay a great deal of money. I started at the lower level and through continued education, time in the work place, and though showing reliability I rose to a higher salary and gained more responsibility. The same aspect can be seen in most professions; you start at the bottom and you work your way to the top as you hone your skills and build report.

Cosmetology is no different. You have to build your clientele, you need to expand your education and you need to display that you are good at what you do. I could name so many stylists that are making incredible money after putting their time in. They are not only able to financially find success but also find it interpersonally. At Hays Academy of Hair Design, we don’t tell you that you are going to graduate and become wealthy instantly. We don’t tell you that it is easy. We do tell you that if you work hard and give it 100% that you can find success. Beyond telling you, we strive to teach you important aspects of marketing yourself to build a reliable client base, how to create a budget, and how important continuing your education is. We help you build a resume, a portfolio that showcases your work, and connect you to salon owners and managers from all over. We break down how to manage student loans as you progress through the industry and we are transparent in providing you logical expectations when starting out. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools to achieve your goals!

The support and dedication to your education from Hays Academy instructors, staff and even owners doesn’t stop once you graduate and go out into the job force, it continues on. That is our family culture. We will never stop caring about you and your success.

Let’s step away from the negative stereotypes that damage reputations and embrace the fact that every profession requires hard work and a passion to find success.

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